The best ecologic & sustainable fabrics for ethical clothing

The best ecologic & sustainable fabrics for ethical clothing

Looking for clothing that makes you feel like you just stepped out of the latest copy of Vogue magazine but feels like you could actually live in it? Impossible, right?
Look no further. Eco friendly clothing is the perfect answer to all your clothing woes--not only can you have your cake and eat it too, but you can find fashionable clothing that is fabulous and functional.
No matter your personal taste, there is an eco friendly clothing style for everyone. And with a variety of eco-friendly fabrics, you'll easily find your perfect match.
Let's review the Fabrics That Make The Fashion:

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is the practical choice for any closet. Not only does it come in a variety of weights and textures, but also it is void of all the nasty chemicals and pesticides required of conventional cotton. Plus, organic cotton is easy to find and a large number of eco-friendly designers are using the fabric in their latest collections.

Bamboo clothing is the next best thing since sliced bread. A number of fashion designers are moving to this luxurious fabric because of its amazing characteristics and its ability to mimic the texture and drape of high-end fabrics like silk and cashmere.

Hemp clothing is making a fashionable entrance to the eco-friendly scene. Rediscover this incredible, wonder fiber. Once reserved for hippie clothing, hemp blends are popping up in the latest fashion by eco-friendly designers like Stewart + Brown, EcoSkin, and others.

Pass the tofu, please! Soy is moving beyond the dinner table and onto the runway. Soy fabrics are a luxurious, biodegradable, and versatile alternative to cotton. Check out digs by designers like Linda Loudermilk, Anna Cohen and more.

Those fabrics are perfect for stylish cothing that is at the same time ethical and sustainable!