Ann Taylor

Manufactured products: clothes, shoes, accessories for women
Ethical index: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
Environment: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
Transparency: 2 Stars (2 / 5)

Ann taylor, is an american company manufacturing fashionable women's clothing and accessories.
Ann taylor products are manufactured in over 20 countries, around 30% is made in China, 14% in Hong Kong, 12% in the Phillippines, 6% in south korea.

The brand reports to employ around 8000 people in bangladesh.

 Ann Inc. published a report that describes its code of conduct with suppliers, They support the payment of minimum wages for all workers involved in their supply chain.
The huffington post reported  in 2012 that Ann Taylor violated China’s environmental laws by contaminating water with chemicals. 

In 2014 planned to involve 100,000 women in its supply chain by 2018, however is not clear if this plan took place or not.

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