About us

These days sustainable & ethical living is on all our minds.
However, living more greenly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fabulous fashion sense.
Ethicaloo is here to help you!
Learn how easy it is to make your closet and your life more ethical & sustainable, with our helpful advices.
Find out the latest and greatest in the ethical fashion world and discover what brands are doing good to the world.

About Ethicaloo

As we began working on ethicaloo, we found ourselves frustrated by the sheer lack of ethical clothing resources on the Internet that can truly help shoppers understand what brands are more sustainable. We figured we probably weren't the only ones looking for straight-forward informations about the ethical practices of popular fashion brands. Thats how our idea started.

Ethicaloo is a simple resource to help you discover the world of fashionable and ethical clothing, we aim to help you make informed decisions and become greener in your day-to-day life.

This doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite labels, it just means we want to help you making good choices on your next purchases, helping you to indetify what brands are doing good and what brands are doing bad, to the planet, to the environment, and to the people.

Our database includes at the moment more than 400 brands and is constantly updating!

In 2018 we launched our "Slow & ethical" certification, the first free certification aiming to connect multiple brands with a common objective.

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