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About ethicaloo

Our ethical brands database counts more than 400 fashion brands and is constantly updating.
For each brand we provide informations about ethics and sustainability, through a 1-5 stars rating system.
We proudly help more than 10.000 people every month to make more conscious choices.

Recent contributions

  • Artur on Selected: “Bought a product of this brand with base of what Ive seen in this website and it was WRONG. My…Dec 7, 15:15
  • Joe Luby on Eddie Bauer: “Support your country by buying U.S.Manufactured,support your U.S. manufacturing base by building the very best product.Put those two together and…Nov 4, 19:40
  • Maggie on Susan Graver: “I guess too expensive to make in the USA, too bad. Aren't these people rich enough? And speaking of liquid…Oct 30, 18:35
  • J. Archibald on Talbots: “I agree with Peg Jones. I have bought a lot of products from Talbots in the past. However, things have…Jul 28, 15:58
  • Char on Alice And Olivia: “This company is not very transparent. Most clothes are made in China - a country that has infected the world…Jul 27, 18:28

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