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Our ethical brands database counts more than 400 fashion brands and is constantly updating.
For each brand we provide informations about ethics and sustainability, through a 1-5 stars rating system.
We proudly help more than 10.000 people every month to make more conscious choices.

Recent contributions

  • Jerry Clasby on George (Asda): “Didn't realize that workers have been mistreated. I like George jeans having worn them for a number of years. Not…May 1, 18:42
  • Tauna Lowe on Chico’S: “Have had my eyes opened to China’s human rights offenses and their goal to destroy America. Won’t buy Chinese manufactured…Mar 9, 03:39
  • DALLAS on Hot Topic: “hot topic is the top place to buy stuff. their products are high quality 🙂Feb 23, 14:28
  • Tomato on Rohan: “Rohan clothes are brilliant in terms of: 1. Longevity 2. Fit for purpose 3. Weight & pack ability 4. Looking…Jan 30, 20:33
  • JDC on Carbon 2 Cobalt: “How can this or any company receive 5/5 for transparency if it won't reveal its sourcing policy or practices???!!!Jan 12, 00:38

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