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Our ethical brands database counts more than 400 fashion brands and is constantly updating.
For each brand we provide informations about ethics and sustainability, through a 1-5 stars rating system.
We proudly help more than 10.000 people every month to make more conscious choices.

Recent contributions

  • Margaret Ramskill on Roman Originals: “I have also been trying not to buy goods made in China and searched the labels on my Roman dresses…Jul 12, 10:26
  • Olive on Blue Illusion: “One of the attached tags says European Fabric, another attached tag to jeans says Crafted in Europe however inside tag…Jun 12, 11:18
  • Barbara Massone on Chico’S: “No more ChicosJun 9, 12:35
  • Catherine Kolitsky on Susan Graver: “Will buy clothes made in USA. Designers need to bring their products to USA. They are making their money here.…Jun 8, 17:58
  • Dorothy Wendzicki on Talbots: “I will not be buying anything from China. They are a communist country and I do not need to support…Jun 7, 14:24

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