Brand: Talbots
Ethical index: 2 Stars (2 / 5)
Environment: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
Transparency: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

Talbots is an American clothing retailer founded in 1947 that offers a range of casual and everyday clothing styles, shoes and accessories for women in both petite and plus-size ranges. Their clothing is primarily manufactured in countries along Southeast Asia such as China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

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10 responses to “Talbots”

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m so disappointed but not surprised that these clothes are not made in America. I have to rethink ever buying this brand again. I wish I had given this some thought before all he purchases I have made at Talbots

  2. Lorraine says:

    Since the pandemic I’ve been looking where our clothes are coming from and other items that I purchased… they claimed that they are an American company you’re not American if you’re having your clothes made in China and other places that are not in the ??.
    Sadly to say I will not be buying from here anymore.

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    I will not be purchasing brands made in China

  4. Sandy P says:

    I will do my best to stay away from anything
    Made in China.

  5. June Rivas says:

    I was about to order a tee on sale and happened to see that most of your clothes are made in Asian countries especially China. As much as I love your clothes, I will no longer buy from Talbots.

  6. Janet M. Fraley says:

    Disappointed these clothes are made in China. At their prices I would think they would be made in USA. I won’t be buying from them.

  7. Dorothy Wendzicki says:

    I will not be buying anything from China.
    They are a communist country and I do not need to support them. I hope the USA will stop dealing with this Country.

  8. Peg. Jones says:

    I’ve BOUGHT Talbots for years & it’s a fine product. However, since the pandemic, I won’t knowingly purchase anything made in China. I just purchased a good number of T cloths..I couldn’t find out where they were made until I found this site. I suggest that you post the exact location where the items are made. If not, I won’t be purchasing anything from T’s. Support this country. You will lose customers .

  9. J. Archibald says:

    I agree with Peg Jones. I have bought a lot of products from Talbots in the past. However, things have changed. I also recommend that you disclose where products are made. If Southeast Asian countries that don’t include China, I would still buy. But not from China.

  10. Pam says:

    All one needs to do is put in browser…..where are Talbot’s clothes made? It’s pretty much a given that most retail clothing stores’ items are made outside the USA. “To qualify for a ‘Made in USA’ or ‘Made in America’ label, a product must be “all or virtually all” manufactured in America according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). …HOWEVER SOME PARTS MAY COME FROM OTHER COUNTRIES IN ORDER FOR THE US MANUFACTURER TO SUCCESSFULLY PRODUCE.”
    “The more American-made products you buy, the more the economy is stimulated which results in more jobs being created and saved. Conserving the environment. … U.S. manufacturing processes are typically cleaner for the environment and healthier for consumers. Preserving the future of our economy.”

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